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HVAC Installation and Services in Chicago

Oasis specializes in repairing and installing HVAC systems throughout North Chicago neighborhoods. We’re a proud dealer of American Standard equipment, but are certified to handle and install all major brands.

American Standard offers three series of furnaces and air conditioners including: Platinum Series, Gold Series and Silver Series—either of which can suit your needs.

Oasis offers a wide range of services, which include:

  • Heating: Is your home due for a new furnace? Oasis brings you a variety of furnaces to suit your specific needs.
  • Cooling: If you’re air conditioning unit recently broke, you can upgrade your HVAC system with the help of Oasis.
  • Humidifiers, Air Purifiers & Air Scrubbers: Oasis technicians are experienced in providing humidifiers and air purifiers to provide healthy air quality indoors.
  • Nest Thermostats: We offer the most advanced thermostats that are customized to your preferences to save you energy.
  • Commercial Services: If your commercial building requires HVAC installation or maintenance, we can provide the service it needs.

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We can have one of our technicians swing by your home and give you a free estimate on installations. Oasis does more than just install—we repair, too! From minor to big problems, Oasis has you covered. While you may have a working furnace or air conditioner, it may not be running as smoothly as it could be. Even when there is nothing wrong, you can relax knowing your system is in tip-top shape by scheduling a preventative maintenance appointment with us. We recommend bi-annual visits – once in the Springtime and once in Autumn.

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Oasis strives to provide friendly and impeccable service. Whether our technicians are doing an installation or maintenance work, they guarantee you a wonderful experience. Improve your life and your home by hiring one of our experts today. Contact us today at (773) 320-5395.